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Iran warns foreign forces to stay out of Gulf, amid new US deployment

In a piece published last year, I examined the interaction of water and conflict in Yemen and Syria, two countries whose severe water shortages have enabled competing actors to wield this precious resource as a weapon in violent conflict to the detriment of millions of civilians. After months of delays, the government and rebel forces announced on November 19 their intentions to temporarily freeze military operations and convene for negotiations in Sweden. The success of these talks will depend on whether the parties can effectively apply the lessons of past peace talks to structure a new peace process for Yemen.

A floating storage and offloading FSO terminal less than five miles off the coast of Yemen has turned into a massive bomb—capable of explosion due to its contents and lack of maintenance.

The risk of explosion increases by the day, and if that were to happen, not only would it damage or sink any ships […]. Ian Ralby, Dr. David Soud, and Rohini Ralby. Home Issues Regions Search Menu. Fri, Mar 15, Passage of SJR 7, better late than never The passage of Senate Joint Resolution 7 is a fresh rebuke for the Trump administration, that its support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen is unauthorized, illegal, and an immoral assault on the Yemeni people.

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The World Bank In Yemen

Consilium, a family-owned global consultancy on maritime and resource security, has been monitoring the potentially disastrous situation involving the Safer, a tanker converted into a floating storage and offloading facility FSO off the coast of Yemen, and we have been working to motivate action on the matter before it reaches […] EnergySource by Rohini Ralby, Dr.

State Department International Religious Freedom Report , "Some Zaydis reported harassment and discrimination by the government because they were suspected of sympathizing with the al-Houthis. However, it appears the Government's actions against the group were probably politically, not religiously, motivated. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants reported several violations of refugee and asylum seekers' rights in the organization's World Refugee Survey. Yemeni authorities reportedly deported numerous foreigners without giving them access to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees , despite the UN's repeated requests.

Refugees further reported violence directed against them by Yemeni authorities while living in refugee camps. Yemeni officials reportedly raped and beat camp-based refugees with impunity in Yemen is ranked last of countries in the Global Gender Gap Report. The onset of puberty interpreted by some to be as low as the age of nine was set as a requirement for marriage instead.

The United States Department of State Trafficking in Persons report classified Yemen as a Tier 3 country, [] meaning that its government does not fully comply with the minimum standards against human trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so. Yemen officially abolished slavery in , [] but it is still being practiced.

A major reorganization of the armed forces continues.

The unified air forces and air defenses are now under one command. The navy has concentration in Aden. Total armed forces manning numbers about , active personnel, including moreover especially conscripts. The number of military personnel in Yemen is relatively high; in sum, Yemen has the second largest military force on the Arabian Peninsula after Saudi Arabia. In , total active troops were estimated as follows: army, ,; navy, 7,; and air force, 5, In September , the government announced the reinstatement of compulsory military service.

Yemen's defense budget, which in represented approximately 40 percent of the total government budget, is expected to remain high for the near term, as the military draft takes effect and internal security threats continue to escalate. By , Yemen had , active personnel. As of the end of , Yemen was divided into twenty governorates muhafazat — the latest being Raymah Governorate, which was created during plus one municipality called "Amanat Al-Asemah" the latter containing the constitutional capital, Sana'a. In , a constitutional panel decided to divide the country into six regions—four in the north, two in the south, and capital Sana'a outside of any region—creating a federalist model of governance.

Services are the largest economic sector Principal agricultural commodities produced in the nation include grain, vegetables, fruits, pulses , qat , coffee, cotton, dairy products, fish, livestock sheep, goats, cattle, camels , and poultry. Most Yemenis are employed in agriculture.

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Cotton and many fruit trees are also grown, with mangoes being the most valuable. A big problem in Yemen is the cultivation of Khat or qat , a psychoactive plant that releases a stimulant when chewed, and accounts for up to 40 percent of the water drawn from the Sana'a Basin each year, and that figure is rising.

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Some agricultural practices are drying the Sana'a Basin and displaced vital crops, which has resulted in increasing food prices. Rising food prices, in turn, pushed an additional six percent of the country into poverty in alone.

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Yemen's industrial sector is centred on crude oil production and petroleum refining, food processing, handicrafts, small-scale production of cotton textiles and leather goods, aluminum products, commercial ship repair, cement, and natural gas production. In , Yemen had an industrial production growth rate of 4. The labor force was seven million workers in The main export commodities are crude oil, coffee, dried and salted fish, liquefied natural gas.

The main imported commodities are machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, livestock, and chemicals. These products were mainly imported from the EU Taxes and other revenues constituted roughly The public debt was Its inflation rate over the same period based on consumer prices was Beginning in the mids, the Soviet Union and China provided large-scale assistance. In the south, pre-independence economic activity was overwhelmingly concentrated in the port city of Aden.

The seaborne transit trade, which the port relied upon, collapsed with the closure of the Suez Canal and Britain's withdrawal from Aden in Since the conclusion of the war, the government made an agreement with the International Monetary Fund IMF to implement a structural adjustment program.

Phase one of the program included major financial and monetary reforms, including floating the currency, reducing the budget deficit, and cutting subsidies. Phase two addresses structural issues, such as civil service reform. A key challenge is severe water scarcity , especially in the Highlands, prompting The Times to write "Yemen could become first nation to run out of water.

Access to water supply sanitation is as low as in some sub-Saharan African countries. Yemen is both the poorest country and the most water-scarce country in the Arab world. Third, the capacity of sector institutions to plan, build, operate and maintain infrastructure remains limited.

Last but not least the security situation makes it even more difficult to improve or even maintain existing levels of service. For example, in Sana'a, the water table was 30 metres 98 feet below surface in the s but had dropped to meters below surface by The groundwater has not been regulated by Yemen's governments. Even before the revolution, Yemen's water situation had been described as increasingly dire by experts who worried that Yemen would be the first country to run out of water.

A large portion of Yemenis are dependent on small-scale subsistence agriculture. Half of agricultural water in Yemen is used to grow khat , a drug that many Yemenis chew. Due to the Yemeni Civil War , the situation is increasingly dire. Bombing has forced many Yemenis to leave their homes for other areas, and so wells in those areas are under increasing pressure. In , it was 4. It is the 30th highest in the world. According to Muqaddasi , Persians formed the majority of Aden's population in the 10th century.

Yemenite Jews once formed a sizable minority in Yemen with a distinct culture from other Jewish communities in the world. Most of the prominent Indonesians , Malaysians , and Singaporeans of Arab descent are Hadhrami people with origins in southern Yemen in the Hadramawt coastal region. The Maqil were a collection of Arab Bedouin tribes of Yemeni origin who migrated westwards via Egypt. Several groups of Yemeni Arabs turned south to Mauritania , and by the end of the 17th century, they dominated the entire country.

Saudi Arabia says it is an ‘act of war’ if Iran hit oil facilities

They can also be found throughout Morocco and in Algeria as well as in other North African Countries. Yemen is the only country in the Arabian Peninsula that is signatory to two international accords dating back to and governing the protection of refugees.

Refugees and asylum seekers living in Yemen were predominantly from Somalia , , Iraq 11, , Ethiopia 2, , [] and Syria. The Yemeni diaspora is largely concentrated in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, where between , and 1 million Yemenis reside, [] and the United Kingdom, home to between 70, and 80, Yemenis. Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of Yemen, while Yemeni Arabic is used as the vernacular.

In al Mahrah Governorate in the far east and the island of Socotra , several non-Arabic languages are spoken. Yemen is part of the homeland of the South Semitic languages. Mehri is the largest South Semitic language spoken in the nation, with more than 70, speakers. The ethnic group itself is called Mahra. Soqotri is another South Semitic language, with speakers on the island of Socotra isolated from the pressures of Arabic on the Yemeni mainland. According to the census in Yemen, the number of speakers there was 57, Yemen was also home of the Old South Arabian languages.