Sustainable Development Goals in the Asian Context

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A structural reform only can empower sustainable development and eradicate poverty -- Chapter 5. A synthesis of the studies on information communication technologies ict for education projects in ASEAN: can we close the digital divide?

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Sustainable organizing: discourse of an eco-university -- Chapter 7. Development communication and the social integration of the new services and techniques: acceptance, appropriation and the role of the perceived value of use. Universities have an important role in this regard and social mobility and inclusiveness have become strategic questions in higher education.

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EUA is working to ensure that universities across Europe have a platform to share their approaches and strategies. EUA is also active in monitoring gender equality, especially in university leadership. Universities are closely connected to their regions, and they play a crucial role in education, innovation, culture and civic life in their local communities. In order to fulfil their missions, universities need to have an enabling legal framework to make them strong institutions, particularly institutional autonomy and sufficient funding.


European universities are part of the larger family of universities around the world, and EUA actively promotes dialogue on five continents, working for an inclusive global higher education and research community. Sustainable development is crucial to the future of Europe and the entire planet. The framework of This publication aims to help EU citizens understand the meaning of these 17 goals and invites them to explore and evaluate the situation of their View more.

Monika Skadborg from the European Universities have a key role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and it is clear that Combined economic indicators obscure an important reality: that over 90 million people in the region live in poverty. Socially, culturally and politically, South-East Asia is incredibly complex. That its challenges are often unique from one community to the next has made it difficult to solve common problems. They should serve as a call to action for the public and private sectors to move away from a siloed view of issues and instead align themselves to achieve a multi-faceted impact.

The SDGs shine a light on why previous initiatives have fallen short. Take, for example, the near-annual exercise of tackling the haze in Indonesia, where several of our business groups operate. Public campaigns on the negative consequences of haze have not deterred people from burning to clear land.

Sustainability without development is not sustainable. Likewise, development achieved unsustainably will not last. We need to educate all stakeholders on the enduring, mutual benefits that truly sustainable development can foster. At their core, the SDGs highlight that sustainability and development go hand-in-hand and therefore provide the impetus needed to tackle roadblocks.

The Asia Context

The Millennium Development Goals did not achieve their objectives. Could this be because they were championed almost exclusively by government institutions, at the expense of a cross-sector approach?

SCP indicators in the context of future SDGs - Mr Charles Arden Clarke (UNEP)

However, carving out a role for businesses does not ensure they will fulfil their responsibility. There is also disconnect between how businesses plan to contribute and which SDGs people prioritise.

Sustainable Development Goals in the Asian Context - Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent

This needs to be addressed. If their contributions are not recognised and appreciated, it is unlikely businesses will see value in continued sustainability investment.

Businesses must begin to measure their business impact beyond business metrics and quarterly profits; but also around SDGs parameters that capture comprehensive developmental impact. Both international and national companies must instil into their organisations that doing good and running a profitable business goes hand in hand.

If businesses collectively contribute to just a few of the SDGs, several difficult goals could go ignored. This is where non-traditional actors, including ground-up organisations, will play an important role and ensure all goals are met.