Pelletier: The Forgotten Castaway of Cape York

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Sit back now and let us tell you a tale.

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Narcisse was only 14 when he joined the Saint Paul in Europe as a cabin boy and left for Bombay now Mumbai and then on to Hong Kong where they picked up more than Chinese labourers heading to work in the goldfields of New South Wales. With rations running out, and fearful of mutiny, the captain made the fateful decision to opt for the quicker but more dangerous route to Sydney, sailing between the Solomon Islands and the Louisiade Archipelago.

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The captain, crew, and emigrants, however reached an island in safety, some in boats and others along the reef. One of the three boats was damaged on the rocks, and the remaining two being quite inadequate to convey all hands to any other land, it became evident that the crew, if they wished to save themselves, must leave the Chinese to shift for themselves.

Accordingly, the Europeans made for the neighbouring island, where, however, they were attacked by the blacks and forced to retire, leaving behind them in the hands of the savages, three men — the second officer, a sailor, and an apprentice. During the attack Narcisse received a violent blow on the head from a stone, but managed to reach the boat. The crew retreated back to the island where they had left the Chinese labourers.

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It was at this point the Captain made another fateful decision:. Lac Pelletier No. Falk Harnisch PD Dr.

Mark van Narcis Pous. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. Narcis Cardona, UPV Benoit Pelletier. We have followed their continuous Yalin Sagduyu, Intelligent Automation Inc.

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Vincent D. Park is a Senior Director of Engineering at Han, A. Chemical and biological aspects of Narcissus Alkaloids.

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  7. Joshi, B. For the last twenty-five years of the colonial period, the Augustin Le Pelletier de La Houssaye, a fort was constructed at Now, for the very first time, this remarkable story is available to read in English, complemented by an ethnographic commentary by anthropologist Athol Chase and an in-depth introduction by Anderson.

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    Pelletier: The Forgotten Castaway of Cape York is required reading for anyone with an interest in Australian history, anthropology, or the intriguing world of pre-colonial Aboriginal life. The Sandbeach People of Cape York. Seventeen Years with the Savages. Appendix I Musical Observations about the songs of Narcisse.