Karma and Other Stories

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She feels a closeness to the Lexington Public Librarian with whom she apparently has very little in common. The tales of senior citizens from upper middle class families who have often held very important positions back home suddenly turning into nobody as they move to the US late in life after the loss of a spouse were brilliant. I was so angry that for sometime I did not even realize that I had water in my eyes, which were paining from the cold wind.


I am glad that Manu did not notice. Could you imagine? A former Hyderabad High Court justice crying like a small boy in the streets of Boston?

Karma and Other Stories

I am not a help to either you or your wife. And she does not want me here, either, I think.

Instant Karma

You must respect her wishes too. Reddi like Jhumpa Lahiri in the Namesake does a great job of describing that experience. Since the stories are realistic and Boston based often it makes you wonder if the characters are based on people you know.

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The cover of the book is very aesthetic. The book is worth buying for the first story itself. Rishi Reddi is a Lawyer who took a year and a half from her practice to craft this book. She is married and lives with her husband and daughter in Brookline, MA.

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The issue is a simple one. Rishi Reddi. Want to Read.

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