Feedback Control of Large-Scale Systems

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Frye, Michael T.

Robust Feedback Control and Updating for large scale distributed systems

More by Michael T. Abstract Article info and citation First page Abstract This paper studies the problem of global decentralized control by output feedback for large-scale uncertain systems whose subsystems are interconnected not only by their outputs but also by their unmeasurable states. Article information Source Commun. Export citation. Export Cancel.

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EE Seminar: Decentralized Networked Control of Large-Scale Systems

Lund University Login for staff. Research Portal Find researchers, research outputs e. Overview Cite BibTeX. Abstract In this tutorial paper we first present some foundational results regarding the theory of positive systems.

A Simple Feedback Control Example

In particular, we present fundamental results regarding stability, positive realization and positive stabilization by means of state feedback. Special attention is also paid to the system performance in terms of disturbance attenuation. Under the asymptotic stability assumption, such performance can be measured in terms of Lp-gain of the positive system.

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In the second part of the paper we propose some recent results about control synthesis by linear programming and semi-definite programming, under the positivity requirement on the resulting controlled system.